Service any aircraft, from light to international wide-body

  • The Prince George Airport (YXS) is one of the first significant North American airports on the great circle route between Asia and North America
  • YXS has been certified by the Federal Government as a designated technical stop airport in Canada
  • One of the longest runways in Canada – 3,490 metres (11450 ft)
  • A new state of the art fuel storage facility with expanded capacity
  • An expanded fuel supplier with secure and competitive fuel supply

Fuel Storage Facility

  • 600,000 liters
  • YXS Fuel Providers:
    – JetMark
    – Imperial Oil
    – Petro Value
    – Carrier preferred refiners
  • Two Into-Plane Providers
    – JetMark / Allied Aviation
    – Esso

Technical Data

  • 3,490 metre (11450 ft) Runway
  • Cat 1 ILS with High Intensity Lights
  • Cat 2 Centreline LED Lighting
  • 1200HA (3000 acres) Logistic Park Development